Saturday, January 20, 2007

things that piss me off lately

1. The way you look at me funny.

2. That sound the neighbors make when cleaning their oven.

3. Hopping on my motorcycle, getting all set to leap 42 VW Beetles, and realizing in mid-air that Jeb lined up 44.

4. Tsunamis.

5. I really hate it when you wear those shoes with that outfit.

6. W. (hotel, president).

7. Tom Hanks (permanent member of this list).

8. Where's that damn hotel?

9. Constipation.

10. Indiana. But Montana rocks.


topazz said...

the W Hotel in NYC? I was only in the bar, but it was so cool it was downright cold, snotty bartenders, pretentious, uber-trendy, over priced hype of a place.

I've never been on a motorcycle in my life. I don't ever intend to be, either.

I've never suffered from constipation, actually. Because I'm full of shit.

I thought I was the only person who hated Forrest Gump and Philadelphia, being Tom Hanks two back-to-back Best Actor Wins. No pun intended. I laughed all the way through both movies, and not in a happy carefree way, either.

Indiana pretty much sucks once you leave the speedway. But I was only there one time.

I can't remember what else pissed you off, but too lazy to go back and look it up. Reminder, I have to check in to my own blog and write something soon. Bye!

august said...

Yup, that's the hotel.

Disagree about what you are full of.

I never saw Philadelphia. Have I ever told you I once lived there?

You reminded me -- I've been meaning to link to your blog.

rundeep said...

I stayed at the W in L.A. a few years ago while attending a wedding. I liked it very much.

I hate Forrest Gump also, didn't hate Philadelphia because it was filmed, in part, in the building I was working in at the time. Running into Jason Robards (literally) in the lobby was one of my favorite moments.

never knew you lived in Philadelphia august. Where? Things have seriously changed here in the past 10 years, mostly for the better.

And, nice blog.

august said...

Rundeep -- I was in philly in college, not the city, but the burbs. Probably enough info in my very recent MBTU for you to guess which one. Late eighties, early nineties (saw a phish concert there). Then in and out visiting friends for a long time after.

I object more to the idea of W than to the amenities.

thanks for stopping by.

obfuscati said...

dude. this is florida. i wear flip-flops with every outfit. when i wear them at all.

directions from my place to the family homestead: go north, turn left at indianapolis.

i'm looking at you funny because there are two of you. how'd you do that?

apologies for the obfuscation. i'm not kyu. it's an honor to be mistaken for him though.

doc philippic. woo hoo! way to go.