Thursday, February 15, 2007

Outline for a Compendium of Non-Musical Sounds

Part I: Tagine

  • Chopping and Cutting


    • Knife through onion
    • Preserved lemon between thumb and forefinger.
    • Barely audible swish of knife through chicken skin.
    • Fork fluffing couscous.
    • Crushing garlic with side of blade.
    • Chicken pieces landing on softened onions
    • Chicken, lemon, olives, couscous, teeth.


    • Knife on keyboard.
    • Wooden spoon on cast iron pan (flattening more garlic).


    • Joint where thigh meets breast.
    • Coffee (cross-reference: electric sounds).

  • Splashing


    • Overflowing from glass into sink.
    • Tap running.
    Sound in mouth. (Note: do others make the same sound? Can they hear me?)


    • Slurping.
    • Disguised slurping following dirty look from wife.
    • Pour into glass.
    • Waves within glass.

  • More Grinding

    • Teeth
    • Mixing couscous and sauce. Fork makes muted grinding sound. (Investigate further.)

  • Chewing

  • Swallowing

    (perhaps this last item is too musical for list)
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