Wednesday, November 15, 2006

A Brief Account of My Super Powers

When I was invisible I lurked in the shallows ready to rip open the shells of crabs. I slunk through the school corridors and let no one open my locker. I flipped through books in the library searching for the line that would move me, and make me wish to know my curves.

When I could fly I was like a hang-glider, captive to the prevailing winds. I practiced landing without hurting myself. I took the measure of the canyons hoping to spy the birds of prey. I rested with a parliament of owls.

When I could run I would reverse time so I could repeat my mistakes and feel worse about them.

When I could breathe underwater I scooped magma from the sea floor and sculpted it into reefs. I adorned myself with cowries and starfish. I felt brave enought to get married.

When I could set myself on fire I went into the mines and melted the coal.

When my strength became superhuman I repaired the dents in cars parked along 51st street. I filled in the potholes and fixed the bridges. I climbed up buildings to give the union guys a breather. I tore down the Berlin Wall.

When I could speak in tongues I lost my way and refused to ask for directions.

Now I whack at nails with the hammer of the gods. I am lit with neon. I stop traffic.


twiffer said...

i like this. almost a prose poem.

Keifus said...

I am thinking this looks familiar because...I read it when you posted it before? It reads like a poster of inspiring biblical quotes, distilled to the honest parts.

Charming piece, in any case.


august said...

Twiff -- thanks

Keif -- I originally posted it in the exquisite corpse. Thus far, everything here is recovered from somewhere.


twiffer said...

what i'm really curious about is how you've managed to post this as of tomorrow.

Keifus said...

clearly that one's another one of his super powers.

Also, did you notice that "god, I hate the king" is about the shortest philippic, like, ever? I feel a little cheated.

twiffer said...

k: nah, i like concise, frank statements. rhetoric is just icing, really. and sure, icing is good, but it's the cake you're after.

topazz said...


I saw your reply on the fray and wanted to respond somewhat privately. (If you can call this "private")

I'm not running away because of what happened there, just taking a much needed step back personally for a little while, that's all. I'll return sooner or later - if only to make things right in the House Of Topazz.

But I wanted to thank you especially, for your kindness and your honesty; it's posters like yourself who've made the fray a place I've always thoroughly enjoyed being a part of.